Monday, March 22, 2010



Do you pay attention to the latest trends in fashion? Do you have your own style or do you wear what is popular? How would you describe your fashion style? Yes i do pay attention to the latest trends in fashion and i tend to find of the fashion beautiful,creative and fly. I have my own style, yes i love what these girls where these days but i rather have my own style , because then i'll stand out more. I would describe my fashion style as extremely different and extremely creative.

Many people download MP3 music without paying any money for it. Do you think that this is a problem?No i don't think it's a problem because for one i am one of those people[giggles]. Unless it's my job to make sure anyone who downloads music pay for it then no i do not think it's a problem.

Do you think that some people spend too much time on the Internet and does this stop them from seeing their friends? Why?Yes i do think that a lot of people spend to much time on the internet and yes i do feel like that effects them from seeing their friends,because once you get linked to the internet and your addicted you don't really want to get off, you just want to stay on all day and when your friends call you and ask you do you want to go out, you tell them that your busy but really your just on the computer and you just blow them off just like that.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


What leader do you most admire, and why?My leader who i most admire is my mother. she's a beautiful women with a beautiful heart,she inspires me to be better, she inspires me to become a better person. she's my life and my everything,as i know i am hers, she is a hard-working women who gives the same respect she receives. she is my leader.

ABSOLUTE PATH-a path that specifies a file's precise location within a computer's folder structure.

DOMAIN NAME-the server name portion of a URL; contains a hierarchy of names separating by periods

EXTENSION-the top level of domain name,indicating the general audience supported by the web server.

FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL-a communications protocol used to transfer information between FTP servers.

HOTSPOT- an area within an image that access a link or performs a action when clicked or activated by the user.

IMAGE MAP-An image containing hotspots that match a specified region of the image to a specified region of the image to a specific destination.

PROTOCOL-A set of rules defining how information is passed between two devices.

SITE INDEX-A page containing an outline of an entire site and it's contents.

SPAM-Unsolicited e-mail sent to large numbers of people,promoting products,services, in some cases,pornographic web sites.

UNIFORM RESOURCE LOCATOR-Specifies the precise location of a resource on the internet.

Friday, March 12, 2010



An 18-year-old high school senior enters the
school building after school hours. He uses
passwords stolen from teachers to hack into the
school network, changing his grades and changing
the grades of some of his friends as well. He
installs malware, or malicious code, that allows him
to re-enter the network from any computer outside
school. Instead of attending his high school
graduation, he sits consulting with his lawyer,
charged with crimes that, added up, could possibly
result in a 38-year prison sentence.

What’s the Problem? The 18 year old boy is hacking into his high school's computer. What actions did the
young man take that were wrong, broke school
rules, and may have been illegal? He came into the high school after hours and hacked into his teachers computers and changed his grades and some of his friends grade. Who was affected by these actions? He was mainly affected by his actions because when he finally got to his graduation he could'nt even walk across the stage instead he was in the audience with his lawyer discussing his charges. What if you were a student at that school—how might his actions affect you? It might affect me because he might just be on the computer changing our grades for the worst.

A 19-year-old hacker creates malware
that spreads itself through instant
messages. The messages, which look
like they are from a buddy, invite the
victim to look at a photo on a social
networking profile. In reality, the link
leads to a phony Web site that installs
the malicious code on the victim’s
computer. As a result, all the information
stored on the computer, including credit
card numbers, can be viewed and
copied by the hacker.

What’s the Problem?Theirs a hacker that's hacking into peoples computers and phones which is sending viruses and also he can hack into their computers and get their credit card numbers and many other important. What could be the consequences for the victims of this
young hacker’s actions?He may be punished and sent to jail for 40 years minimum.


QUESTION: What is life like for people in your local community? Life is a little complicated for certain people that live in my community, some of them are not financially set, and some of them just can't handle the community.


QUESTION: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE BOOK AND/OR MAGAZINE? WHY? My favorite book is called push,because it's extremely interesting,it just gives you in sites on a lot of things your interested in.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


1. WHAT IS STORYBOARDING? WHY IS IT IMPORTANT IN CREATING A WEB PAGE SYSTEM? A Storyboard is a diagram of a web site's structure, showing all the pages in the site and indicating how they are linked together. It's important in creating a web page system because you can learn new things.

Linear structure, a structure for a web site in which each page is linked with the pages that follow and precede it. Hierarchical structure, a structure for a web site in which the pages are linked going from the hme page down to pages dedicated to specific sports.

Text that specifies the precise location of a file within a computer's folder structure.

The difference between absolute and relative, is absolute path is a path that specifies a file's precise location within a computer's folder structure. A relative path is a path that specifies a file's location in relation to the location of the current document.

Monday, March 8, 2010


QUESTION: What is the hardest thing you've ever done? How did you overcome it? The hardest thing I've ever done is let the best relationship I've ever had go to waste. I overcame the situation day by day, convincing myself that everyone makes mistakes and that all good things sometimes come to an end.


Have you ever bought something using the Internet? If yes, explain what you bought. If no, why not. Well no not exactly i didn't buy anything off of the internet but my mother did order a couple of things off the internet sometimes she order boots,shirts that i can't find in the stores just stuff that she feel might be less on the internet.


QUESTION: At what age should teenagers be allowed to drive? Explain
I think teenagers should be allowed to drive when their old enough to receive their license,maybe 18 or 17. The reason i say that is because a lot of teenager girls and boys don't need their license at the age of 16 i think it's way to dangerous and their not mature enough yet.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Do you think that meeting people online is easier than meeting people face to face?Yes i do feel like meeting people online is easier than meeting people face to face because when your on the computer you might be a little nervous but your able to get over it and just start talking. When your face to face you get really nervous and shy and then you start to get butterflies and you stutter.

Would you consider going out with someone that you met on the Internet? Why or Why Not? I mean like i'm not going to say yes but im also not going to say no. Well honestly no i would not consider going out with someone on the internet because it would be a really weird relationship, it would be unstable, it just wouldn't feel right at all.