Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Final Exam Question

Tell us about the side effects that your digital life is having on your real life, if any. Do you find yourself, for example, feeling left out or jealous of your friends’ activities when you look at Facebook? Are you having trouble remembering material when you interrupt your studying by checking in online? Do you or your parents ever worry about how much time you spend texting or on the Internet?

The side effects that my digital life is having on my real life are very complicated in some ways, some people see me on a social network and get the wrong idea of me or something like that , then when they see me in person it's a problem or an attitude there. It's a very complicated thing to be involved in a social network and go to school with those people that are on the same network as you, or meeting up with new people because they'll either love everything about you on that network or hate everything about you and then when you finally meet them or see them in school their will be a lot of misunderstanding there.

No i don't find myself getting jealous nor left out when activities are going on , on facebook and im not involved. I really don't care to much for things like that in the first place so that wouldn't bother me one bit. My friends know how i are so they know that i don't get involved with an activity on a social network and i don't care to be left out.

Yes sometimes i do have trouble remembering certain material when i interrupt my studying to check my facebook because then i get tied up in that and i can't focus anymore, i become so caught up that when i go back to studying it's extremely hard for me to focus. Yes my mom and dad always worry about how much i text and be on the internet, they say if i spent that much time on my work and books i would be extremely focus & dedicated to school.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


How do you feel about devices that track your every move? Is this a good thing or an invasion of your privacy? Would this stop you from using these devices? I hate that, i don't want anyone or anything tracking my every move that's an invasion of my privacy. In a way its a good thing but in a lot of ways its a very bad thing, who want's their privacy invaded ? not me. Yes it would stop me from using those devices.


What role do you think games play in learning? How does age influence the role games play in learning? I think games play a big part in learning now-a-days, most of these games out here is very violent and kids these days feed into and learn from in but in a very disturbingly bad way.


Do you think you can learn and have fun at the same time? Yes i do think it's possible to learn & have fun at the sometime, that would be great if schools could try that and just see how it works out, instead of being so strict with everything.


Do you think it is important to follow technology news? Why or why not? Not always because sometimes believe or not technology news is not always right.


If you were a character in a story or a video game who or what would you be? Why? If i were a character in a story i would be a young girl trying to make it and become someone better.


What game did or do you have the most fun playing? Describe why this game is so much fun? It does not have to be video game. I had the most fun playing grand-theft auto, that was my favorite game out of anything. To me it's so much fun because it's so realistic , you shoot people, steal cars , get chased by the police etc.


Do you play video games? If you do what are your favorite types of video games? If you don't play video games, why not? Explain your answer. No i don't play video games anymore but when i did i loved to play action games, i loved playing the fighting games a lot or sonic.


"Headphones or No Headphones" You are listening to an iPod or mp3 player. Someone starts a conversation with you. What is the proper etiquette for wearing your headphones or ear-buds? Should you remove them or can you wear them during the conversation? Explain your answer. The proper etiquette for wearing your headphones or ear-buds is when your on your own time, and you just want to listen to some slow soothing music. It would great if you would remove your head-phones with someone is starting a conversation with you, its extremely rude to keep on your head-phones when someone is trying to start a conversation with you , you wouldnt want that to be done to you so be disrespectful and do that to someone else, show some respect.


What other skills do you think you learn from computer programming? How will these skills help you in the future? The skills that you can learn from computer programming is to do certain things that no one else knows how to do, computer programming might show you some things that you didnt know while your doing the programming. It can help you in the future because someone might need your help with something like that and you can be there to assist them, that may even get you a good paying job.


How has technology changed the way people listen to music? What are the pros and cons of these changes? Technology has changed the way people listen to music, because now people going around blasting music on the street from their phones or their ipods or cars, no matter where you go you hear music blasting. The pros of technology changing music is that we get to listen to it whenever we want wherever we want, the cons of technology changing the way we listen to music is that, its always blasting somewhere .