Friday, March 12, 2010



An 18-year-old high school senior enters the
school building after school hours. He uses
passwords stolen from teachers to hack into the
school network, changing his grades and changing
the grades of some of his friends as well. He
installs malware, or malicious code, that allows him
to re-enter the network from any computer outside
school. Instead of attending his high school
graduation, he sits consulting with his lawyer,
charged with crimes that, added up, could possibly
result in a 38-year prison sentence.

What’s the Problem? The 18 year old boy is hacking into his high school's computer. What actions did the
young man take that were wrong, broke school
rules, and may have been illegal? He came into the high school after hours and hacked into his teachers computers and changed his grades and some of his friends grade. Who was affected by these actions? He was mainly affected by his actions because when he finally got to his graduation he could'nt even walk across the stage instead he was in the audience with his lawyer discussing his charges. What if you were a student at that school—how might his actions affect you? It might affect me because he might just be on the computer changing our grades for the worst.

A 19-year-old hacker creates malware
that spreads itself through instant
messages. The messages, which look
like they are from a buddy, invite the
victim to look at a photo on a social
networking profile. In reality, the link
leads to a phony Web site that installs
the malicious code on the victim’s
computer. As a result, all the information
stored on the computer, including credit
card numbers, can be viewed and
copied by the hacker.

What’s the Problem?Theirs a hacker that's hacking into peoples computers and phones which is sending viruses and also he can hack into their computers and get their credit card numbers and many other important. What could be the consequences for the victims of this
young hacker’s actions?He may be punished and sent to jail for 40 years minimum.

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