Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cyber Saftey 10-21-10

The risk that teens face on the internet are harassment & most definitely cyberbullying. They are more likely to be harmed by peers or by how they act when they online than by adult criminals.

2. It effect online behavior because people can search anything on the net, they can copy and paste anything on the net to anywhere that's online, you never really know whose viewing or seeing what you post, and there's a lot of visible audience,nothing is private.

3. To learn more about the technologies.

Its protection from the negative influences of everything from peers or strangers with bad intentions to advertisers to the broader media environment.

5. It means that there are their are a lot of bad people on the internet and that the web can be extremely dangerous. Its relevant to me because it helps me realize that i have to be more careful while on the web.

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