Wednesday, December 15, 2010


What do you think is the greatest problems facing the teenagers of today? My opinion on this type of question will be from experience , i think the greatest problems students face today, is rape, violation, trust, the streets, drugs, and many more. We female teenagers tend to trust these young men, we tend to let them in our head and when we do that, education(school) doesn't even cross our minds anymore, we fall off because we think we're so in love or something like it. We female teenagers trust these boys and they turn around and violate us, they tear us apart inside, it's like murder, it's like your hearts getting ripped straight out of your chest. Teenage boys face the problem of the streets thinking selling drugs and trapping is cool and it's okay and the sad part about it all is that some of these teenage boys know what they're doing could get them locked up but they do it because they can't get out of the business(so they say), they do it because they feel like they can't stop, like it's completely impossible. We need to learn how to ignore these streets, ignore the drugs, we should be able to trust eachother and not have to worry about getting violated nor raped. That's the biggest problem these days, these teenagers aren't being raised right and the ones that are being raised right still tend to mess up in the end. It's pathetic us females shouldn't have to walk around scared worrying about what somebody's gonna do to us, if somebody's gonna hurt us, we should feel safe and protected, not scared and helpless. These male teenagers need to learn how to take their head out the streets & drugs and put it into some books so they can make something out of themselves. We need to be better and learn to grow more from our experiences. I HAVE.

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