Tuesday, April 12, 2011


What are some of the problems that you face as teenager as a result of Social Networking? This would include using social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter, Instant Messaging, SMS and or Text Messaging. How does interacting 24/7 affect the way you think and communicate? Does social media affect your school work in a positive or negative way? Do you agree or disagree with the author of this article that Social Networking affects both your writing skills and social manners? What do you think? Make sure to defend your position.

Some problems that "us" teenagers face as a result of social networking is not concentrating, when we're online for a project or something we get easily distracted by another site such as "Facebook. We don't know how to just concentrate on what's important at the time. We also seem to get on another site and do that and try to do our project at the same time.

Interacting all the time affects the way i think and communicate because im never really focus, it's like all i ever think about is getting on facebook, twitter or texting on my phone everything else doesnt really seem to matter to me at the time. When im in school i can't concentrate on my main focus which is work because im so caught up on facebook.
Social media affects my school work in a negative way because like i said before i can't concentrate on my school work, i get thrown off too easily by these websites.

I dont really agree with the article saying social networking affects your social manners , it doesn't affect mine at all. It might affect certain people who don't know how to control their mouth, but those who do have manners , it doesn't affect us at all. However i do think it affects our writing skills because once we're on facebook or something most of us talk in some type of slang and it when we do that we get to use to it, then we begin to use it when we're doing school work and that's messes us up a lot.

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