Friday, February 19, 2010


What’s the Problem? The problem is that those girls who were supposed to her friend but at soon as they had a problem with her, the girls got angry and posted embarrassing photos of the other girl nicole and even made a website about her.

What emotions do you think Nicole felt when she saw the photos and read all the comments online? I think nicole was really hurt and angry, she probably felt like they betrayed her, she felt like the people she thought were her friends completely turned on her and just embarrassed her the people she trust just crushed her.

How do you think she felt when she read that some girls wanted to beat her up? I think she felt very angry and really overwhelmed about the situation and she probably was extremely scared.

How do you think this situation affected the learning environment of the school? I think it affected them a lot, because maybe when they seen the girl nicole they made fun of her or they laughed at her maybe even embarrassed her. The students in the school probably couldn't focus because she was in their class so they may have felt like instead of focusing on work were going to make fun of her.

What advice would you give Nicole? I would tell nicole to choose her friends wisely, i would tell nicole to just ignore them and to act like you didn't hear it, i would tell her to be strong and don't let them get you. I would let her know that it will get better if she just stands strong.

What advice would you give the girls who created the group? I would tell those girls that they are very immature and what they did was extremely inappropriate. I would tell them that if they were good friends they would not have done that to her. I would tell them it was extremely cold hearted.

What could you do if you witnessed a similar situation online that made you worried? Honestly i would stand of for nicole, if nicole was way to scared to open her mouth i would be her voice, i would approach those girls and really give them a piece of my mind, and make sure they know their terrible friends and i could never tolerate them.

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